7.11.17 Meeting Minutes

Board Members present: Brandy Hopkins, Brandon Kury, Casey Boeve, Courtney Johnson and Sara Roper.

Others in attendance: Juliet Michele, Lisa Brooks-Giles

Brandy called meeting to order

Casey went over the list of Potential Fundraisers and Events for the 2017-2018 school year. Casey and Juliet will put the events discussed and agreed upon on a calendar to be approved at the August meeting by the PTO board.

PTO will be having two tables at Open House on August 29th.




Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

6.6.17 meeting minutes

10 in attendance: Albert Lombard, Juliet Michele, Brandy Hopkins, Amanda Balder, Lisa Brooks-Giles, Brandon Kury, Teresa Rankins, Casey Boeve, Courtney Johnson and Sara Roper.

Albert called meeting to order

Election of officers for 2017-2018 took place and the following were voted in:

President: Brandy Hopkins

Vice President: Courtney Johnson

Secretary: Sara Roper

Treasurer: Casey Boeve

Representative: Brandon Kury

Selection of committees took place and the following were elected:

Fundraising Coordinators: Juliet Michele & Casey Boeve

Voolunteer Coordinator: Lisa Brooks-Giles

Albert left and the board took over meeting

New Business

Looking into child care for future PTO meetings and the idea of possibly having a National Honor Society student help out was brought up since they need to fill volunteer hours. The idea of having the school provide snacks for children was also brought up to Albert and he was going to look into it. Juliet is going to look into holding future meetings at the Central Admin’s Board Room.  The next two meetings to happen over the summer are as follows:

Wednesday, July 12 6-7pm this will be an organization meeting in regards to Fundraising/events, please bring ideas.

Tuesday, August 8 6-7pm, at this meeting we will set the dates for the following calendar year (2017-2018)

We will ask the Fennville Pride paper to insert this calendar into their papers as well as information about the PTO.

PTO agrees that morning announcements are hard to hear.  Although the students do a great job, voices are not loud or clear enough.  Will ask Albert to consider having an adult, whether it be him, Julie, PTO member, etc.

Have Albert insert PTO blurb into the beginning of year packet papers.

Happenings that PTO will need help with for the following year that will remain on the calendar of events are as follows (exact dates/time tbd)

Popcorn Fridays (volunteer coordinator will set a calendar for parents to sign up for) hours will be 7-9am

Kindergarten Handprints – November

Santa’s Workshop – December

Valentine’s Flower – February

Field Day Popsicles – June

Bake Sales during conferences

Meeting adjourned at 7pm